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USS Gadsden

An Online Star Trek RP

USS Gadsden: An Online Roleplaying Game
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Online Role Playing game taking place in the Star Trek universe
The USS Gadsden, a Mercury-class vessel was refit from its Akira-class parent ship and commissioned in 2382, is under a directive of exploration of the "northern" part of the 2nd quadrant of space, between Helical and Spika, as well as protection of the Federation should any enemy parties attack. The "northern" part of the 2nd quadrant of space is dubbed "The N2-quadrant" by Starfleet until exploration is furthered there. Because of its distance from the Federation, it takes approximately one week at maximum warp to return to Earth.

We are using the timeline laid out at the MMO Timeline Site for what is happening in the larger political backdrop.

The crew compliment of the USS Gadsden is 1000 members, including 100 officer. The Gadsden is commanded by Captain Tashanas.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not own Star Trek or any characters from the original 5 series. We do own our own characters, but that's about it. Don't sue us, we have no money!